What is SCLA?

The Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement (SCLA) is a multi-disciplinary honor society with 100,000+ members at 600+ colleges nationwide. We aim to maximize student potential through our powerful skill development platform including training content on hundreds of skills critical to a successful career, a vibrant mentor and peer community, hundreds of career insider interviews, and direct personal access to hiring managers and internship opportunities.

SCLA offers a customized experience with pre-built training plans to target your growth needs along with practical exercises, exclusive webinars and events, and mentoring to help students develop skills and apply them in real life situations.

What are the benefits?

Members join the SCLA community which offers distinction and recognition for your achievement. Members includes lifetime access to SCLA’s proprietary experiential learning platform, which includes:

  1. Develop the skills for career success

    Assess your growth areas and learn the workplace and life skills that you need to succeed as a professional. Short, engaging training courses make learning quick and simple. Use pre-built plans to reach your goals.

  2. Grow your real world experience

    Take your knowledge into the practical with theory-to-practice exercises for every new skill. New exercises are added every month. Stay on track as you grow with skill assessments every 6 months.

  3. Build a network to get your career going

    Get direct access connections to the professionals who may be able to open doors for you, including over 5,000 hiring managers and 1,500 admissions deans. Find internship opportunities that target the experience you need.

  4. Gain the insider insight you need

    Find out the real life experience for hundreds of professions with Career Insider interviews. Plus, glean wisdom on relevant topics for students and young professionals in our library of over 100 webinars.

Is there a fee?

Like other honor societies, we do have a membership fee. Our lifetime membership fee is $95. We do not have any other recurring fees.

How was i nominated? How are you affiliated with my university?

If you were nominated for membership, it means you meet our membership eligibility criteria and we have an on-campus chapter at your school.

What does my membership fee go to?

The SCLA membership fee funds the continual development of the following member benefits: experiential learning platform, 550+ skills videos, student community events, certification initiatives, and internship and career opportunities.

I cannot afford the $95 right now. Are there any other options?

We understand that many students have financial restrictions. We offer a 3-month payment plan for students who do not wish to pay the $95 fee outright. Once all payments have been received, students will receive complete membership access into the SCLA Honor Society. If this seems like an option that may work for you, please contact us at membership@thescla.org

How do i purchase my scla honor cord for graduation?

SCLA honor cords are available for members to purchase for $6 each plus shipping fees. If you’re interested in purchasing a cord, please contact us at membership@thescla.org

How involved do i have to be?

The SCLA online platform is available 24 hours a day. We recognize that each student has a different schedule that can sometimes come with non-traditional hours. Our online platform is completely self-guided and all of our benefits are voluntary so that students can be engaged as their schedules permit.

Who are the Game Changers (mentors), and what will they do for me?

The SCLA asks top professionals to join our community of mentors. These successful leaders are innovators and visionaries in many industries. They dispense advice, help sharpen your skills, and open up their networks to you. Our mentors are easily accessible to SCLA members through our platform. You are free to contact and work with as many of our mentors as you would like as a member.

How does the program work?

SCLA members start with a brief assessment of their strengths in our 4-Pillar Success Model. Following completion of the assessments, the member receives access to our online development program where we offer access to skill-based training videos targeted 500+ learning objectives, theory-to-practice exercises, exclusive webinars, and a professional network of over 100,000 peers, 5,000 hiring managers, and 1,500 admissions deans. Plus, we have interviewed professionals in over 100 career fields to provide an insider’s perspective on what it takes to succeed. All of these opportunities help students develop practical skills, apply them to real life, and make the connections they need to get their careers going. Members are prompted to complete the assessments every 6 months to measure growth. Read more about our program.

May I apply for membership?

SCLA always welcomes new qualified members! If you meet our eligibility criteria but there is not an on-campus chapter at your school, please apply for an Online Membership.

Online Membership allows eligible students to obtain the same honor and opportunities as members of on-campus chapters, including the personal online development platform, 550+ skill videos, webinars, connections to mentors, and members-only invitations to special events.

Alex h
“SCLA provided me with every tool in the book to help maximize my professional development and skills set. My membership has also given me access to the most rewarding mentorship program I have been apart of, receiving advice and resources from experts in the field to guide my career path."



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