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Get Your Dream Job: The Perfect Resume

It’s sad how many boring resumes are floating around in this world – don’t let yours be one of them! During this webinar we’re going to bring some fun back into this document and show you how to make your work stand out. Through examples and tips, this conversation will provide you all the tools you need to renovate your resume. Whether you’ve got something you’re ready to send to employers or you’re staring at a blank page and a blinking cursor waiting for divine inspiration, this is the pep talk for you. Let’s do this!

What you'll learn:

Gain an understanding of the foundational purpose of resumes
Begin to use resume as a proactive tool to diversify experience
Recognize the connection between job descriptions and resumes
Identify transferrable skills and how to sell seemingly unrelated experience to employers
Understand the importance of website resumes and identify key resources
…and much more!

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